Kingston pushes SO-DIMM speed, capacity

In preparation for the upcoming launch of Intel's Santa Rosa notebook platform, which is expected to support DDR2-800, Kingston has introduced a couple of new DDR2 SO-DIMMs clocked at 800MHz. The company is also breaking new ground on the capacity front with two SO-DIMMs that pack 2GB of memory at clock speeds of 533MHz or 667MHz. The four new modules are rated for CAS latencies of four or five clock cycles (four for the 2GB DDR2-533 SO-DIMM, five for the rest,) and voltage of 1.8V.

Companies like Dell already offer 2GB SO-DIMMs as an option in some of their notebooks, but according to our price search engine, such modules are rather scarce in the retail market. With Vista less than three months away and 64-bit mobile Core 2 Duo chips now available in many notebooks, users should welcome the extra choice.

Kingston is launching its 2GB DDR2-533 and DDR2-667 modules at $589 and $640, respectively. The company's new DDR2-800 modules cost $108 for 512MB and $210 for 1GB.

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