TR Forum Tidings: Early Firefox 2.0 adopters

Our previous tidings post covered discussion surrounding the newly-released Internet Explorer 7.0. Since then, Mozilla has unveiled the latest major iteration of its own web browser, Firefox 2.0, and it's only fair that early adopters of the new Firefox release would also want to discuss it and exchange tips. As luck would have it, BerserkBen's thread in our General Software forum has sprouted just such a discussion.

The general impression among our forum gerbils seems to be that the new browser is faster than its predecessor, although some don't like a few of the changes brought by the new release. That's not to say those changes can't be reversed, though. For instance, gerbil Crazybus discovered that browsing to about:config and setting browser.tabs.closeButtons to "3" gets rid of the individual close buttons on every tab, and that setting browser.urlbar.hideGoButton to "true" removes the "Go" button that's now embedded into the location bar.

Do you have any other tips to share? Or do you need a hand to tweak the browser to your liking? Even if you'd just like to share your impressions, feel free to register a forum account and join the discussion.

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