AMD's sideshow

As they did last year, AMD is making the most of IDF week, holding press briefings, floating rumors, and making rude noises just outside the conference room doors. In fact, TR's own Adam LongWalker met with AMD for a press briefing this week, and he'll be filing a report soon. Possibly along with some rude noises.

The most interesting noise AMD has made so far this week is found in this story at ZDNet, which says AMD will be delivering .1GHz speed bumps every 5-6 weeks through the end of the year, starting Monday. I don't doubt AMD is capable of doing this. The clock cranking will be accompanied by the release of the 760 chipset, which support DDR SDRAM, later this year.

Also swirling about on the AMD front are rumors that a deal with Transmeta may be in the works. Rumors have ranged from reports that Transmeta may license the LDT bus architecture to speculation that a full-blown CPU cross-licensing deal is in the works. I tend to think the LDT thing makes the most sense, but time will tell.

If all this CPU news just isn't techie enough for you, let me suggest the Britney Spears Guide to Semiconductor Physics. (Thanks to the cold, HardOCP for that one.)

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