OCZ intros 850W GameXStream power supply

Just a couple of weeks after the launch of BFG's 800W and 1KW power supplies, OCZ has retaliated by introducing a 850W flavor of its GameXStream PSU. Like the lower-power 600W and 700W models, the 850W GameXStream packs four +12V rails, support for SLI and CrossFire multi-GPU configurations, active power factor correction, 80%+ efficiency, and cooling via a single 120mm fan. OCZ doesn't quote a price for the new unit, but considering the 600W and 700W GameXStreams retail for $119.99 and $154.99 on Newegg, respectively, we wouldn't be surprised to see the 850W model materialize somewhere near to the $200 mark.

Once again, the fact that BFG and now OCZ feel comfortable introducing 800W+ power supplies this close to the launch of Nvidia's next-generation graphics processor doesn't bode well for the upcoming chip's power consumption. Perhaps the two companies are simply preparing for ATI's "boundless gaming" triple-GPU setups, though. Only time will tell.

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