Vista, Office 2007 coming Nov. 30 for businesses

While precise dates for the retail releases of Windows Vista and Office 2007 are still shrouded in mystery, as Microsoft refuses to elaborate beyond the official “January 2007” time frame, the company has gone and set a date for the volume license release of the operating system and its accompanying office suite. Corporate customers across the globe will get their hands on both Vista and Office 2007 on November 30, just four weeks from now. System builders, tech journalists, and “other selected parties” will also get early access to the software, although for once, pirates could have to wait for the new version of Windows.

Unlike the volume license version of Windows XP, which essentially shipped without any real copy protection system, the volume version of Windows Vista will include a validation system that will force customers to register their volume license keys and report license usage to Microsoft every month. If said usage isn’t kosher, Vista’s built-in Windows Genuine Advantage protection system will presumably kick in, disabling the Aero visual interface and eventually restricting users to using just the web browser in one-hour stretches.

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