New ForceWare drivers hit the streets

One day behind the release of ATI's new Catalyst drivers, Nvidia has come out with a new batch of drivers for its GeForce desktop graphics cards. The new release brings the ForceWare version number up to 93.71, and introduces official support for PureVideo HD, Nvidia's hardware acceleration technology for Blu-ray and HD DVD video. Playback of Blu-ray and HD DVD media does require a card with HDCP support, though, which precludes the majority of Nvidia's lineup. The GeForce 7950 GT and 7950 GX2 have built-in HDCP by default, as do some GeForce 7900 GS models. HDCP implementations in other cards is up to the graphics card manufacturer.

Video acceleration aside, Nvidia has also fixed a number of bugs in its new drivers, as detailed in the latest ForceWare release notes (PDF). Most fixes involve the Nvidia Control Panel, but multi-GPU bugs in a number of games, such as Dungeon Siege 2, EverQuest, SpellForce 2, TimeShift, and World of Warcraft, have also been fixed. Disappointingly, the company doesn't appear to have fixed driver-level fixed-aspect ratio LCD scaling, so games without wide-screen support may still be hopelessly stretched with some cards and wide-screen monitors.

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