Old E3 to be replaced by GamePro Expo

This summer, the Entertainment Software Association announced that the E3 trade show would be re-organized into a smaller, invitation-only event, leaving a large, empty crater where the old E3 used to be. Three months later, GameSpot has caught wind of a memo that says publishing firm International Data Group will organize a new gaming show at the Los Angeles Convention Center that will run from October 18 to October 20, 2007. The memo is quoted as saying, "IDG has been secured to run the new GamePro Expo show, what we knew as E3." LA Convention and Visitors Bureau VP Michael Krouse told GameSpot that IDG expects the upcoming show to draw 30,000 attendees at first—about half as many as the last E3—and perhaps more down the road. Krouse says he is "absolutely convinced" that the GamePro Expo will eventually become as big as the original E3.
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