Poll: Do you run a legit copy of Windows?

In light of Microsoft’s recent anti-piracy efforts and its surprising change of mind about Vista licensing restrictions, we’ve been led to wonder: just how many enthusiasts actually pirate Windows? Admittedly, Microsoft’s operating system has traditionally been easy to pirate, and even Windows XP was available through illegal channels with no effective copy protection before its retail release. Microsoft has since stepped up its anti-piracy measures, though, and the company even offers discounts to users of counterfeit copies who’d like to get kosher. With that in mind, how many of you run a legit version of Windows? That’s the subject of our latest poll, so go vote and let us know!

The topic of our previous poll was, “How many computers are you running at home?” Considering the number of enthusiasts and general PC geeks around these parts, the answer wasn’t too surprising. Only 12% of those polled run a single computer at home, while almost half (48%, to be exact) have between two and three machines. The numbers go down from there, with less than a third (28%) running between four and five machines, 10% running between six and 10, and only 2% running more than 10 systems at home.

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