Intel tips its hand

It's been a huge news week on the CPU front, as the Intel Developer Forum has unfolded. We've admittedly been rather thin on coverage of this one, but you'll find excellent coverage at Ace's Hardware, as well as commentary and general rumor-mongering, as always, at JC's.

Among the IDF highlights this year has been more detailed info on both of Intel's upcoming CPUs, Pentium 4 and Itanium, and their respective platforms. Some of the juicier news bits:

  • Intel demoed a (heavily) air-cooled Pentium 4 running at 2GHz
  • Intel will license the Pentium 4 bus, allowing Via and others to provide DDR RAM chipsets
  • The company is being cagey on how well the Pentium 4 will perform on a clock-for-clock basis, and speculation is all over the map
  • Six thousand systems based on the new Itanium chips have shipped to PC makers
You might also want to check out BoyWonderTech's IDF coverage. Here's day one and day two.
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