TR's 7th anniversary giveaway—day six

As you might have noticed, we're quite proud of our Folding@Home team here at TR—not just because they're a group of damn fine men and women, but also because they're the seventh best in the world according to the Stanford University rankings. To celebrate this achievement, we gave the first prize in our seventh anniversary giveaway to our top point-generating folder, LordIcon. Today, we've decided to reward another prolific member of our team: Leor, last week's biggest folder. Leor, we appreciate both your leadership on the folding team and your involvement in the forums. Please get in touch with us to claim your prize.

For Leor, we've set aside a pair of iDome DS500 2.0 speakers kindly provided by Abit. The iDome speakers offer full 24-bit/192KHz optical digital input, a combined 50W of output power, and various sound processing features designed to enhance sound quality depending on users' needs. We had Adam, our biz guy, test them out to make sure they worked as expected, and his verdict is that they definitely sound sweet.

Our winner for Tuesday will be picked in a random draw, so make sure to sign up on our contest entry page if you haven't already done so!

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