Folding@Home GPU client gains CrossFire support

Good news for folders who happen to own an ATI CrossFire multi-GPU setup. Stanford University has released an update to its Folding@Home GPU client that adds support for CrossFire configurations. The new version 5.91 GPU client is available in console-only form from this page. A brief guide on how to set up a multi-GPU system to fold can be viewed here, and the standard GPU client FAQ is up here. The multi-GPU setup process does require some work, and users will need either two monitors or a single dual-input monitor (an LCD monitor with both VGA and DVI inputs, for example) in order to get up and running. The guide page says the GPU client will give an error if it is run on a graphics card that doesn't have a display attached. If you manage to get this working, don't forget to join team 2630 to fold for TR!
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