TR's CPU heat dissipation thingy

— 12:06 AM on August 24, 2000

It's time to debut TR's latest feature, Kim Noer's amazing CPU heat dissipation table doohickey. The info provided by this little reference tool seems a bit arcane at first, but it turns out it's a great way of understanding the problems associated with CPU cooling and—you know it—overclocking.

Put simply, the ongoing cycle of CPU die shrinks and growing transistor counts makes cooling a chip more and more difficult over time. Yes, smaller chips can require less power. But these shrunken chips also produce more heat over a given surface area. Pretty soon, you've got a blowtorch the size of a pinhead—or worse, an AMD Duron. Overclocking compounds the problem, because turning up the clock means turning up the heat.

Mr. Noer's amazing CPU heat dissipation table will show you exactly what kind of a pickle you're in when it comes to cooling and cranking up that racy new processor of yours. (Heck, even if your new processor is an ancient K6 or a sexy 0.5GHz G4, it's in the database.) This thing has all the vital stats, too, including transistor counts, die sizes, feature sizes—the works. Check it out.

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