G80 launch hits last-minute hitch

Nvidia is scrambling to recall a batch of graphics cards based on its upcoming G80 graphics processor, Bit-Tech has learned. Some of the so-called GeForce 8800 GTX cards, which are due to launch later this week, suffer from a resistor problem. Nvidia Product PR Manager Adam Foat told the site the following:
Some GeForce 8800 GTX boards that were built through our contract manufacturer had a simple BOM error - wrong resistor value. GeForce 8800 GTS boards are not effected (sic) by this.

These GeForce 8800 GTX boards were shipped to our Add-In-Card partners.

We have been working with them to pull these back and change the resistor to the correct value.

The guys over at VR-Zone have heard that the problematic resistor controls 2D/3D switching and that it can cause 3D corruption in affected cards. Despite the proximity of the problem's discovery to the planned launch, though, Foat says Nvidia still believes it'll be able to hit its intended November 8 launch date with immediate retail availability. eVGA also said it had "tested and corrected the issue with its early boards" and that the launch would not be delayed.
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