Intel-Micron joint venture builds up steam

Work on developing IM Flash Technologies, Intel and Micron's joint NAND flash memory venture, is ahead of schedule, the two companies have announced. Intel and Micron boasted this summer that IMFT had produced the world's first NAND flash memory built on 50nm process technology, and since then, a new 300mm fab in Manassas, Virginia has come online. Another 300mm facility in Lehi, Utah is expected to start cranking out memory chips early next year, and IMFT is now set to have yet another 300mm fab in Singapore up and running by the second half of 2008.

Intel Flash Memory Group VP Brian Harrisson is quoted in Intel's press release as saying he fully expects IMFT to become "one of the top manufacturers of NAND flash memory" thanks to its aggressive expansion policy of building a new fab every year. Samsung and Toshiba currently dominate the NAND market with market shares of 46.4% and 24.7%, respectively, according to figures from iSuppli.

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