After Blackberry, Palm is next on NTP’s hit list

Just over eight months after receiving a $612.5 million settlement from Research In Motion following a lengthy patent infringement lawsuit that threatened to bar Blackberry devices from the U.S. market, NTP has now turned to Palm for its next legal attack. The patent holding firm alleges that Palm’s “products, services, systems and processes” infringe on its patents, and as with the RIM case, it seeks monetary damages as well as an injunction to bar the sale of affected Palm products.

According to CNet, however, the validity of NTP’s patent has been questioned, and the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office re-examined and rejected two of the patents that were part of the Blackberry case earlier this year. Despite that fact, RIM opted to settle out of court in order to avoid letting uncertainty further hurt BlackBerry sales, but perhaps Palm will choose a different course of action. CNet also speculates that the new case may have some wider repercussions and that it could stir up talk of patent reform in the U.S.

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