Asus's K7M: the plot thickens

Is this motherboard an atomic secret or something? (See our previous post on the K7M for background.) A couple of updates to the K7M saga:

First, I was doing my usual weekend surfing at the ever-so-Hard OCP when I saw this shocking news: Asus has finally posted some information on their web site about their K7M motherboard for the AMD Athlon. The info page says, oddly, "reference guide for OEM and vendor services only." God forbid someone would want to buy one of these secretive motherboard things from Asus.

Second, GroovyOne from the ever-hip site Freak! sent me a note about his review of the Freeway Designs FW-K7VM Athlon mobo. This board looks surprisingly similar to the K7M in design, from the system bus overclocking features to the included "Asus Probe" software. Also, get a load of this:

As mentioned before, this board uncannily resembles the ASUS K7M except for the fact that this board doesn't have an ISA slot while the K7M does. I would dare say that there is some design sharing going on here.

One very odd thing about the board is that the box is missing a picture of the board. Freeway typically has a picture of the board on the back of their products next to the specifications. Hmm. Perhaps another example of "let's not piss off Intel"?

Remember Andy Grove's famous dictum: "Only the paranoid survive"? That seems to have taken on new meaning now.
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