Just got a bummer e-mail from Andy Drake over at BXBoards. One of his hardware contacts told him that their latest batch of T-Birds arrived without the pin that allows the multiplier to be changed. If all the T-Birds start coming this way, it means that the recently discovered trick of reconnecting the L1 bridges with a conductive pen (or a mechanical pencil for that matter) will no longer allow the multiplier to be changed, even if the chip is plugged into a motherboard with multiplier control.

The bit at BXBoards (which you can check out right on the front page) seems to suggest that the affected chips were all Thunderbirds; that could mean that the Durons aren't affected, but it could also just mean that no locked Durons have shown up yet.

If T-Birds start showing up everywhere without the multiplier change pin, I'm afraid it's likely the Durons will follow suit. Nothin' against ya', Andy, but I'm really hoping you're wrong on this one. :-)

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