Adobe hands Flash code to Mozilla

Future versions of the Mozilla Firefox web browser will include some Flash code, following a donation made by Adobe to the Mozilla Foundation today. The company famous for its Photoshop and Acrobat products has supplied the source code for its ActionScript Virtual Machine, a scripting engine used in Flash that's based on the same ECMAScript standard as JavaScript and Microsoft's JScript. Adobe's Chief Software Architect Kevin Lynch told ZDNet that the donation is the biggest open source deal Adobe has made to date, and that it represents a bid by Adobe to "bring together the broader HTML and Flash developer communities around this common language implementation."

With the donated code, Mozilla intends to kick off a new open-source project dubbed Tamarin that will eventually become a replacement for SpiderMonkey, Firefox's current JavaScript interpreter. Tamarin will receive contributions from both Adobe and Mozilla developers, and the code will find its way into Firefox by the first half of 2008, according to Frank Hecker, executive director of the Mozilla Foundation.

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