Sony’s Japanese PS3 launch to be less than ideal

The PlayStation 3 is scheduled to launch in Japan in just two days, but already it has becoming clear that Sony’s supply of consoles will be vastly insufficient. The company recently revealed that it would only supply 100,000 consoles to Japan and 400,000 consoles to North America for the respective November 11 and November 17 launches. Kotaku now reports that supply is spread so thin in Japan that many major stores are getting only a handful of consoles. A Toys”R”Us store in Tokyo, for example, is reportedly getting just six units. Meanwhile, some other retailers plan to resort to lotteries to distribute their consoles among customers.

What’s more, the few Japanese users who do manage to get their hands on a PS3 will be required to apply a firmware update to the console in order to use the PlayStation Network functionality. Sony’s press release on the subject doesn’t say whether users in the U.S. and Canda will also have to deal with a firmware update. However, limited availability in Japan certainly gives a hint of what may await North American customers next week. Thanks to Gizmodo for the links.

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