Nvidia prepping Intel integrated graphics chipsets

Shortly after introducing its new nForce 680i SLI chipset, Nvidia has announced that it intends to produce integrated graphics chipsets for Intel processors. The chipsets are already being developed, and Nvidia plans to have them out the door as early as next spring. While this will be Nvidia's first foray into the world of Intel IGPs, the move isn't particularly surprising. With AMD's recent purchase of ATI, the Intel motherboard market is likely to see itself deprived of future ATI-based IGP offerings. This departure leaves said market ripe for the taking, so it's no surprise that Nvidia is choosing to broaden its involvement in the Intel chipset sector now.

Together with announcing the Intel chipsets, Nvidia has mentioned that it has no fewer than nine derivatives of its newly-introduced G80 graphics processor currently in the works. As Beyond3D says, that number is higher than usual, although Nvidia could just be using separate code names for its notebook GPUs.

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