Nvidia announces quarterly results, record revenue

Following record first and second fiscal quarters, revenue has actually increased for Nvidia in the third quarter of its 2007 fiscal year. Between July 31 and October 29, the company generated $820.6 million in revenue, a 19.4% rise over the second fiscal quarter's $687.5 million and well above results for previous years. About an eighth of that $820.6 million translated to profit, lining Nvidia's proverbial pockets with $106.5 million in cash. That figure, too, is around 20% greater than the previous quarter's.

For the good results, Nvidia thanks increases in market share for discrete graphics, desktop graphics, and AMD chipsets to 55%, 33%, and 61%, respectively. Quoting those numbers, which were computed by market research firm Mercury Research, Nvidia says it is now the single largest supplier of standalone graphics processors (both notebook and desktop) and desktop graphics processors (both discrete and integrated) in the world, and also the second-largest supplier of chipsets. Nvidia's nForce chipset business grew especially quickly, seeing a 35% rise in revenue over the previous quarter.

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