Half-Life 2: Episode Two delayed until summer

The next chapter of Valve's episodic sequel to Half-Life 2 has been delayed yet again. The expansion was previously scheduled for the coming holiday season, but Valve announced a few months ago that the title had been postponed until February 2007. Valve's Director of Marketing Doug Lombardi has now told ComputerAndVideoGames that Episode Two won't appear until next summer.

Lombardi didn't cite a particular reason for the delay. However, considering Half-Life 2: Episode Two will include Team Fortress 2 as well as a new single-player game called Portal, CVG reckons the sheer size of the expansion is simply forcing Valve to dedicate extra development time to its completion. Valve said Half-Life 2: Episode Three—the last expansion in the series—was scheduled for Christmas 2007 back in May, but the company may now have trouble meeting that date, too.

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