• 3dfx GP-1 news
  • Daily Radar's Nintendo Game Cube preview
  • Hexus on LOCKED multipliers on AMD TBird
  • PC Monkey considers console vs. PC gaming
  • PC Monkey previews K-Meleon web browser
IDF coverage


  • Sharky Extreme's Value Gaming PC buyer's guide
  • Tech Extreme's MS Windows 2000 training
  • Planet Hardware's how to install a motherboard
  • PC Mech shows how to find cheap hardware
  • K7V, Windows 2000, and GeForce possible fix
  • Britney Spears to dish out advice on the Internet (not about physics but a different kind of physiques)

ATI cards

  • Savage News reviews ATI Radeon 32mb
  • PC Insight's ATI All-in-Wonder 128 PCI
GeForce stuff

  • Riva 3D explains FSAA
  • System Logic's GeForce 2 GTS overclocking
  • nV News updates GeForce 2 MX and Quake III scores with Detonator 3 drivers
  • Digital Web 3D reviews Asus v7700 deluxe

  • Speedy 3D looks at the PelTEC 72w peltier kit
  • Guru 3D reviews Corsair PC133 CAS 2 memory
  • Neoseeker's Iwill ATA-100 IDE RAID controller card review
  • Fast Graphics review mp3 players from Diamond and LG
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