ATI reworking R600 card design?

Recent rumors suggest that ATI's upcoming R600 graphics processor will debut early next year, and according to a new report by VR-Zone, ATI is taking this extra time to iron out its design. The site says the original R600 graphics card design measures a staggering 305mm (12") in length, but that ATI is now working on a new design that has a shorter PCB and a different, more effective cooler.

The new card will be shortened to "at least [GeForce] 8800 GTX length," VR-Zone reckons. It will also be powered by both a six-pin PCI Express power connector and an extra 2x4-pin connector in order to conform to the 225/300W PCIe specification. Considering the GeForce 8800 GTX has "just" two six-pin PCIe power connectors, R600-based cards may yet draw more power—even though ATI itself says the R600 GPU will be built using a smaller, 80nm process.

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