PlayStation 3 internals unveiled

Sony's new PlayStation 3 consoles have finally hit stores in Japan, and the folks at DailyTech have managed to find one, take it apart, and publish a detailed account of how its innards are laid out. One of the interesting aspects of the PS3 is its cooling apparatus: a massive heatsink that lies beneath the Blu-ray drive, flash card reader, and power supply and takes up most of the console's horizontal area. The heatsink draws heat away from the IBM/Sony/Toshiba Cell processor and the Nvidia "RSX" graphics processor via no fewer than five copper heat pipes, and it is cooled by a single 160mm (6.3") fan—the console's only form of active cooling. Despite the gargantuan cooler, though, DailyTech says the PlayStation 3 is "one of the most takeapart-ready consoles [it has] ever seen."

If you're keen to see some live PS3 dissection, there's also a four-part video of the process over on YouTube (part one, part two, part three, part four.) Thanks to TR readers Resomegnis and NeRve for the tips.

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