Laptop battery fire caught on video

What happens when a faulty Sony battery catches on fire? Nobody's managed to catch such an incident on video so far, even though almost 10 million of the batteries have been recalled. However, some folks over at PC Pitstop have attempted to recreate the conditions of such an incident by intentionally forcing a generic notebook's lithium-ion battery into an unstable state. The result isn't pretty:

The battery's cells ignite one by one, with the fire burning hotter after each reaction. After a few explosions, the fire gets hot enough to max out one of the testers' infrared thermometers, which he says suggests a temperature of over 1,000 degrees (presumably Fahrenheit, implying over 538°C.) Good thing nobody's managed to get seriously hurt by one of these things yet—as far as we know, anyway. Thanks to Gizmodo for the tip.
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