Mobile G80 coming with Intel's Santa Rosa?

During its quarterly earnings call Nvidia disclosed plans to produce Intel chipsets with integrated graphics as well as nine derivatives of its G80 graphics processor. But that's not all the company revealed. X-bit labs caught the following tidbit from Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang himself:
Santa Rosa notebooks are DirectX 10 notebooks. They are Vista, DX10, Blu-ray disk, high-definition video notebooks. And we are the only supplier of DX10 GPUs today, and the only one sampling [DirectX 10] notebook GPUs. And my expectation is that we... Our success on the Santa Rosa transition should be quite a bit higher than our success even with Napa.
Santa Rosa is Intel's upcoming notebook platform, which is expected to bring support for 800MHz front-side bus speeds together with new core logic and a new Wi-Fi chip. X-bit labs reckons the Santa Rosa launch is likely to coincide with the January 30, 2007 introduction of Windows Vista. Huang's statement is fairly vague, but he seems to suggest that Nvidia will have a G80-based notebook GPU ready in time for the Santa Rosa launch.
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