Lite-On launches 20X DVD burners

Far from killing its consumer optical drive business as some sites erroneously reported last month, Lite-On has launching a pair of new optical drives that take DVD burning speeds just a little bit further than usual. Dubbed the LH-20A1P and LH-20A1H, the two drives can burn DVDs at a blazing-fast 20X, or 27.7MB/s. That's a good 5.54MB/s faster than 16X DVD burners commonplace today, and 2.77MB/s faster than some 18X models that have surfaced recently.

Aside from burning DVD+R and DVD-R media at 20X, the LH-20A1P can also write dual-layer DVDs at 8X, re-write DVD+RWs at 8X, re-write DVD-RWs at 6X, and burn DVD-RAMs at 12X. Judging by DigiTimes' report, the LH-20A1H has the same specifications plus added support for LightScribe to etch disc labels with the drive's laser. The LH-20A1P will enter volume production next month, while the LH-20A1H will come some time during the first quarter of next year. There's no word on whether either will use a Serial ATA interface, though.

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