TR Forum Tidings: Of keyboards and men

In our weekly look at the happenings in our forums, we've spotted a rant thread where our gerbil friend Just Brew It! laments not being able to find a suitable keyboard for his work PC. Between Microsoft keyboards with misshapen paging blocks and miscellaneous offerings from Logitech and others with either mushy or overly stiff keys, finding a keyboard that's both comfortable and reasonably quiet can be an ordeal nowadays. Thankfully, our team of forum gerbils has provided a large number of recommendations, from Logitech's G15 keyboard to Dell's $10 USB keyboard.

Some may not pay attention or care much, but those of us who spend a fair amount of their time typing usually come to appreciate the subtle (and not-so-subtle) differences between various keyboard designs. What about you? Do you usually go for clicky keyboards heavy enough to beat co-workers unconscious with, or do you prefer more recent, softer, and quieter keyboards? Either way, if you have any recommendations to make, or even if you'd rather just give your opinion on the state of the keyboard industry, feel free to register a forum account and join the discussion.

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