Zune Wi-Fi sharing to gain new features

Microsoft’s Zune portable media player finally hits stores today. Although the device doesn’t include the originally advertised “DJ” feature, Microsoft has a couple of new features up its sleeve to add to the Zune’s wireless sharing functionality. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has revealed that the Zune will eventually allow users to share videos as well as music.

What’s more, Gizmodo says it has received confirmation from unnamed sources that Microsoft intends to reward users for sharing music with the Zune. Rewards will be in the form of Microsoft Points, the virtual currency used on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Zune Marketplaces. A Microsoft Point is worth 1.25 cents, and Microsoft currently charges 79 points for songs on its Zune Marketplace. Together with video sharing, this feature may help make the Zune’s Wi-Fi functionality more appealing, since uses for it are currently somewhat limited.

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