Tyan announces quad-core 'personal supercomputer'

Companies like Apple have thrown the "supercomputer" term around to refer to desktop machines for years now. However, when Tyan calls its latest Typhoon 600-series system a "personal supercomputer," it's definitely not kidding: the new T-650QX packs five "compute nodes" for a total of as many as 10 quad-core Xeon 5300 processors, up to 60GB of DDR2-667 FB-DIMM memory, up to seven 300MB/s Serial ATA hard drives, and three 600W power supplies. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that this system is only 53 cm high, 36 cm wide, and 70 cm deep, and that Tyan claims it's both quiet and "purpose-built to be deployed and used like a PC."

Tyan is already sampling the system and showing it off at the Supercomputing 600 conference in Tampa, Florida. The company says new Typhoon 600-series systems will become available in January 2007 starting below $15,000.

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