U.S. PlayStation 3 shipments to disappoint?

The PlayStation 3 is due out in North America in just a couple of days, and already some analysts are once again predicting launch shipments will fall short of Sony's announced numbers. Sony stated earlier this month that it would ship 400,000 PS3 consoles to North America in time for November 17. However, an analyst for Capital Markets has said in a recent report, "We expect Sony to deliver 150-200k units to stores in the United States for the launch; consumers without pre-orders may find it difficult to locate an available system. We estimate sales of approximately 750k PS3s domestically by year-end."

Considering Sony set aside fewer than 100,000 consoles for the Japanese launch and availability was reported to be extremely limited, 150,000-200,000 consoles for the PS3's introduction in the U.S. sounds anemic, to say the least. Let's hope Sony manages to do better than that. Thanks to X-bit labs for the tip.

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