Apple said to be prepping AMD notebooks

Apple's MacBooks may be destined to follow in the footsteps of Dell's Inspirons. According to DigiTimes, Taiwan's passive component makers have received orders for a significant number of 22μF ceramic capacitors intended for use in an unnamed AMD-based Apple notebook. Said notebook supposedly requires around 70 such capacitors, although the manufacturers didn't leak out any other details or specifications.

Nevertheless, Apple releasing an AMD-based notebook would fit with statements made by AMD CEO Hector Ruiz at a dinner in San Francisco two months ago. Ruiz stated that Apple wouldn't want to remain a "hostage" to Intel like other companies had previously been, and that it would eventually use both AMD and Intel processors. Cheap AMD mobile chips might also allow Apple to better compete against the flurry of sub-$700 notebooks that have popped up lately, although Apple hasn't always competed in lower price segments.

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