OLPC laptop manufactured, pictured

Taiwanese notebook manufacturing giant Quanta has put together the first "B1-Test" versions of the One Laptop per Child project's XO-1 laptop. The OLPC team in Cambridge, Massachusetts has received one of the machines and taken some pictures for all to see. According to one of the team members' blog, the XO-1 had its first "real run" on an assembly line on Monday and around 200 machines were produced. "This is the first time that all of the parts have really been assembled together for testing. Those machines will start making their way out to people soon. Countries, individual open source developers, and interested parties."

Source: wiki.laptop.org
The systems in question are "very close" to the final XO-1 build, except for the fact that they use a slower flash controller and have some of the touchpad functionality disabled due to some eleventh-hour manufacturing hiccups. The OLPC team plans to have final units ready at the end of this year or in early 2007.
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