PowerColor straps 512MB to a Radeon X1950 Pro

If you think ATI's mid-range graphics cards could use a little more RAM, you're in luck. Akiba PC Hotline! reveals that PowerColor has gone and strapped 512MB of RAM to a Radeon X1950 Pro, even though ATI's reference design for the card calls for 256MB.

Memory isn't the card's only excessive aspect, either: the so-called X1950 PRO Extreme 512MB trades ATI's slender single-slot cooler for a massive Arctic Cooling Accelero X2 double-width heatsink and fan. PowerColor has also "factory overclocked" the card to respective core and memory speeds of 600MHz and 700MHz, up from the stock 575MHz and 690MHz. Naturally, all those extras have bumped the card's price up a bit: it costs ¥35,980 in Japan, which is equivalent to $304.4—about 100 bucks over ATI's reference price.

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