Intel and AMD

  • Heise Online's Pentium 4 benchmarks in German (launch on October 16?)
  • System Logic's inside story on AMD's seminar
Buyer's guides


  • Active Hardware's Tyan Trinity K7 slot A
  • Via Hardware presents Via roadmap 2000

  • Tom's Hardware updates Suma GeForce 2 GTS SE and Detonator 3
  • Tech Extreme's Adobe power your website part I

  • Storage Review's second look at Quantum Atlas II 10K with 'final' firmware
  • PC Mech's Quantum FireBall Plus LM 10.2 gig
  • PC Critix reviews Pioneer DVD-115 16x DVD-ROM
  • Hot Hardware review Shuttle SDVD-101 10x DVD-ROM
Other hardware

  • Game Forces reviews Mushkin PC-150 HSDRAM
  • Virtual Hideout's powering an ATX PSU without a motherboard
  • GamePC's Coolermaster ATC-100 thermal enclosure review
  • The Tech Zone looks at the Rotozip Revolution spiral saw
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