SiS to take ATI's place in Intel motherboards

Intel may currently sell motherboards based on ATI's integrated graphics chipsets, but that trend is unlikely to continue now that the Canadian company has been swallowed up by AMD. Instead, DailyTech has heard that Intel will turn to SiS to provide integrated graphics chipsets for some of its upcoming motherboards.

The site says Intel was previously planning a motherboard code-named "Gem Valley" with an ATI chipset for the second half of this year, but that this board has since disappeared from Intel's roadmaps. Fast forward to the second quarter of next year, and Intel will be introducing a new D201GLY "Little Valley" motherboard with a SiS 662 chipset and mini-ITX form factor. The SiS 662 chipset made its debut in July and integrates SiS's Mirage 1 graphics core as well as support for 800MHz front-side bus speeds, 667MHz DDR2 memory, and PCI Express x16 expansion.

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