Blu-ray drive prices to halve by 2008

An official for Sony NEC Optiarc, the joint optical drive venture between Sony and NEC, has given DigiTimes an estimate of where Blu-ray drive prices will be heading in 14-25 months. According to the official, Blu-ray drive prices will drop 50% by 2008. Considering set-top Blu-ray players and their PC-bound burner counterparts both start around the $699 mark, this statement suggests that users may still have to cough up at least $350 for a Blu-ray drive or player in 2008. Of course, $350 is almost a third of the launch price tags we saw on the first Blu-ray devices that launched earlier this year. However, considering HD DVD players are already available for as little as $375 at some stores, the Blu-ray price premium looks like it's here to stay.
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