Weekend wrap

The top story this past week has been IDF and the Pentium 4's debutante ball. The paparazzi have given us a glimpse of the hottie here, here, and here. However, some analysts are predicting that it will be up to 20% slower, clock for clock, than an equivalently clocked Pentium III, with the FPU remaining a question mark. The early skinny is that the FPU will not be as powerful as the Athlon at the same speed. Maybe John Dvorak is right to speculate on the end of Moore's Law.

EBN has an interview with AMD president Hector Ruiz covering a variety of things including their talks with Transmeta. According to The Register, Toshiba is disputing Transmeta's claims of low power consumption. Gamecenter covers Nintendo's Space World 2000. What do you think will happen at Seybold?

Rambus is considering an overhaul to the RDRAM core. The 4i initiative calls for a reduction in memory banks from 32 to 4, causing random access speed of the memory to take a hit, although Rambus claims that their 'superior architecture' still makes it better than DDR SDRAM. So RDRAM will be just like SDRAM, only less so. This seems more like an Intel initiative designed to drive down the cost of RDRAM. Let's see if Rambus sticks to their guns on this one.

For those of us unhappy with our Viper IIs, a new computer lemon law may give consumers some protection. Go here to learn what S3 is up to these days.

Can't get enough of video cards? t-break reviews the 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500, Gamecenter does a 3D card smackdown, and Fullon3D plays 24 questions with all the major players in the consumer graphics industry.

Tom's Hardware looks at the HP Jornada 545 handheld while 3D Rage sets up a dual 1GHz O/C combo. The new Counterstike beta 7 has been released.

As a follow up to the story about beer containing a powerful antioxidant (is it the choice hops?) that Damage posted about earlier this month, a beer spill in Colorado has managed to kill thousands of fish. "Rising Sun" + "Ronin" = "The Art of War".

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