First G80 derivatives scheduled for Q1 2007?

Nvidia's new GeForce 8800 graphics cards may break all kinds of speed records, but DigiTimes says card manufacturers are complaining that demand has failed to pick up significantly. Considering the new cards cost $449 at the very least—and often quite a bit more—low demand isn't exactly surprising. However, according to those same card manufacturers, Nvidia will waste no time getting G80 derivatives out in the mid-range and low-end markets. Samples of the upcoming G84 and G86 chips, which are said to be aimed at those two respective segments, will reportedly be sent to card manufacturers in "January or February." Final G84- and G86-based cards will come later in the first quarter of next year.

ATI is also expected to unveil its R600 GPU in the first quarter, with some of the latest rumors suggesting a late January or early February release schedule that might coincide with the Windows Vista launch. There seems to be little information out there about ATI's plans for R600 derivatives, though.

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