This T-bird goes to eleven

Those fancy gighertz processors just got obsoleted. AMD followed behind Intel just a little this time around, announcing their 1.1GHz Athlon (with the Thunderbird core) today. From the press release:
SUNNYVALE, CA - AUGUST 28, 2000 - AMD today announced the availability of 1.1GHz (1,100MHz) AMD Athlon(tm) processor-based systems. More than 10 computer manufacturers worldwide plan to offer PCs featuring the 1.1GHz AMD Athlon processor, including Compaq, Fujitsu Siemens Computers, Gateway, HP, IBM, Boldata, Caliber, DACCO, Everex, Kaltech, Mesh, Micro Express, Mitsuba, SPC, Systemax, Time, U-Tron and Xi. Eight manufacturers - Gateway, Caliber, Micro Express, Mitsuba, SPC, Time, U-Tron and Xi - are immediately taking orders for these systems.
I believe that's more vendors than Intel has shipped 1.1GHz chips. ;)

I'm sure you'll be able to see reviews from all the usual places. (Mumble mumble hegemony mumble.) The boy wonder's review is online now. As expected, the Athlon just trails behind the PIII on most benchmarks, but it whups the Intel product mightily on price and availability.

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