Intel to revive Hyper-Threading in mid-2008?

Hyper-Threading is doomed to die a slow death as Intel phases out its Netburst-based Pentium processors in favor of replacements based on the Core microarchitecture. According to VR-Zone, though, Intel will bring the concept back with its upcoming Nehalem architecture in mid-2008. Together with support for Intel's Common System Interface and an integrated memory controller, Nehalem chips will introduce a new, "more advanced" simultaneous multi-threading implementation. SMT support will allow quad-core Nehalem-based chips to juggle up to eight threads at the same time.

We know little else about the architecture itself, but rumors claim Nehalem processors will be based on 45nm process technology and require a new 1,366-pin land grid array-style socket dubbed Socket B. In 2009, Intel will follow up with a 32nm Nehalem die-shrink or derivative dubbed Westmere, the company's roadmaps suggest.

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