Kingston's registered DDR2 ValueRAM sticks hit 4GB

For workstation and server users who just can't get enough RAM, Kingston has officially launched two ValueRAM DDR2 memory modules with capacities of 4GB. The modules are clocked at 533MHz and 667MHz, have respective CAS latency ratings of four and five, and are rated for operation at 1.8V—the standard voltage called for by the DDR2 spec. As one can expect from server and workstation memory, these new 4GB ValueRAM modules are also registered and have ECC functionality.

Kingston says it will charge a cool $1,690 a piece for its 4GB ValueRAM DDR2-667 modules and $1,270 for the DDR2-533 variants. If money is no object, though, users should be able to stick up to 64GB of memory in some high-end Socket F Opteron motherboards. Those using Intel's latest Xeon 5100- and 5300-series server chips will have to look elsewhere, though, because the associated Bensley platform only supports FB-DIMMs.

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