Bigfoot adds firewall to Killer NIC

The Killer NIC finally hit stores in September, but it was met with some lukewarm reviews citing only marginal improvements in ping times. Now, Bigfoot Networks seems to have decided to play on its product's extra features by introducing the first of the so-called FNApps. As the company boasted a few months ago, the Killer NIC includes an embedded Linux distribution that can run custom software—known as FNApps—and interface with external devices using the card's USB port. Bigfoot's first FNApp is a firewall dubbed FNA Firewall, and it is based on the iptables open-source firewall included with many Linux distributions. Users can download the FNA Firewall from the Killer NIC website here.

Along with releasing the FNA Firewall, Bigfoot says it has also launched a bounty program that offers up to $5,000 to developers who can code up a peer-to-peer app, web server, or any application of the developer's choice for the Killer NIC. Interested parties can hit up Bigfoot at with their resume and FNApp idea to get an evaluation Killer NIC card.

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