TR Forum Tidings: Quad-core upgrades

Intel's first quad-core processor finally arrived last week, and although a quick look on our price search engine suggests limited supply, the chip is nevertheless available to those who don't mind sinking a grand into a new processor. The new processor's release has sparked a discussion in our forum, where gerbil newcomer 1970BossMsutang has created a poll asking other forum goers if they plan to go quad-core for their next upgrade. Only 35 people have voted thus far, but just one intends to take the plunge. Others plan to go with a dual-core chip, wait for cheaper quad-core derivatives, or even stick with AMD. The discussion in the thread reflects the poll results, with many gerbils saying they just can't justify quad cores in the near future.

How do you feel? Do you think a pair of cores is plenty, or do you believe a quad-core chip is more worthwhile—be it because of heavy multitasking or just to avoid having to upgrade again for a while. Either way, feel free to register an account and hit our forums to join the discussion.

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