ViewSonic intros three new wide-screen LCDs

Viewsonic has introduced three new wide-screen displays for the consumer market. The new displays sport 22", 20", and 19" panel sizes and have been dubbed VX2235wm, VX2035wm, and VX1935wm, respectively.

Viewsonic breaks no new ground on the resolution front—1680x1050 for the 22" and 20" models, 1440x900 for the 19"—but the company claims all three models sport an unusually speedy response time of 5ms. Contrast and brightness aren't half bad, either: 700:1 and 280cd/m² for the VX2235wm, 800:1 and 300cd/m² for the VX2035wm, and 700:1 and 300cd/m² for the VX1935wm. All three monitors also have DVI inputs, and Viewsonic even went ahead and built some stereo speakers into the 22" and 20" models. Recommended pricing is $399, $349, and $199 for the 22", 20", and 19" models, respectively.

Incidentally, a report by DigiTimes says Viewsonic intends to follow up in the first quarter of next year with a 17" wide-screen LCD. The site doesn't say what resolution the upcoming monitor will have or how much it will cost, but it does say Apple is also planning to introduce a similar monitor in the same time frame. Thanks to Engadget for the link.

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