Analyst: Vista to see fastest adoption rate ever

Despite steep hardware requirements, Windows Vista will see a significantly quicker adoption rate than any its predecessors, according to a software analyst. Ovum Software Practice Leader David Mitchell is quoted by IT World as saying that up to 15% of PC users will upgrade within the first year of the operating system's release. By contrast, Mitchell says between 12% and 14% of the PC-using population made the jump to Windows XP in the 12 months following its release in October 2001.

According to Mitchell, there has been "a bit of pent-up demand" in the consumer market, as evidenced by the high adoption rate for the public beta release of Vista. Upgrade coupons shipping with many pre-built PCs will also ensure that the large number of users who purchase new systems during the busy holiday season will be entitled to an upgrade to Vista. Meanwhile, in the corporate world, companies participating in Microsoft's Software Assurance program will automatically receive upgrades.

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