AMD reshapes low-cost PC strategy

Even though it quietly discontinued its low-cost Personal Internet Communicator system, AMD is far from having given up on the developing world. Aside from being the sole supplier of chips for the One Laptop Per Child project's "$100 laptop," the chipmaker has also told EE Times that it will soon introduce several reference designs for low-cost PCs aimed at specific markets in developing nations. Like the OLPC laptop, the designs will be based around AMD's Geode low-power processors. However, AMD Chief Innovation Officer Billy Edwards told EE Times, "We are going back to our core competency of selling chips. We will make reference designs and work with OEMs and ODMs, but we will not do an end product."

AMD plans to roll out its reference designs to PC manufacturers within the next couple of months. According to Edwards, the designs will "scale up, down and sideways" from the discontinued PIC machine, which cost $185 and included a keyboard, mouse, and a pre-installed copy of Windows CE.

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