Zune support coming to Linux, MacOS?

Much like the original iPod, Microsoft’s Zune launched with support for only one operating system—in this case, Windows XP. However, it may not take long for users to begin wrapping their heads around the device’s inner workings and make it work with other OSes.

A report on Zune-Online says one user tried hooking up a Zune to his Mac using XNJB, an application written to provide compatibility between Creative MP3 players and MacOS X via the libnjb and libmtp open-source libraries. According to this user, the program can read music off the Zune just fine, although writing is currently unsupported. Nonetheless, the Zune reportedly uses the same “MTP” storage format as Creative players, so developers behind the lipmtp library could conceivably tweak it to bring full Zune support to both Linux and MacOS X. Thanks to Engadget for the tip.

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