YouTube heads to cell phones

Just over two weeks after Google completed its acquisition of YouTube, the online video sharing service is already about to break some new ground. Yahoo News reports that Verizon Wireless and Google have struck a distribution deal whereby users of the Verizon Wireless service will be able to view YouTube videos on their cell phones. The mobile YouTube service will be introduced some time next month, and it will be free as part of the $15/month Verizon V Cast service. YouTube will be featured as a channel on V Cast, and users will be able to upload videos to YouTube from their mobile phones via MMS messages.

Surprisingly, despite carrying no additional cost, the service won’t display any ads. Yahoo News says neither Google nor Verizon Wireless have disclosed how much money changed hands as part of the deal, but the companies did specify that Verizon Wireless will have exclusivity for mobile YouTube video distribution in the United States for an “undisclosed period.”

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